Tips for Long-Lasting Jewelry

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Do you need further information on how to care for your jewelry to ensure its longevity?

Here is what experts recommend.



Grandmothers will tell you that they have precise instructions for taking care of jewelry.”

Cotton should be used to store items, - while zip-locked bags are best for others.

Securing your beloved pieces is key to keeping them “shining and looking their best.”

If you're not sure how to take care of your jewelry or want to make sure it stands the test of time, check out our expert-backed guide.


1. Keep it away from wood

2. Keep it in a ziplock bag

3. Store your silver with chalk

4. Keep your jewellery dry and away from skincare

5. Avoid leaving it in sunlight

6. Put your pieces on rotation

7. Keep gold jewellery separately from silver jewellery

8. Give it a wipe

9. Do not use toothpaste

10. Use dishwashing soap and warm water

11. Give your jewellery a no-soak treatment

12. Apply nail polish



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