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Lab grown diamond is Still a Diamond.


You've found that special someone and you're now trying to decide between a mined diamond or a lab-grown diamond to propose with.

There's been quite a lot of conversation about the quality of lab-grown diamonds recently and it has you questioning if it is the right option for your beloved. So which one would be considered the 'better' choice?



It's understandable that you want to ensure your partner gets the best engagement ring.

But, do women typically prefer traditionally mined diamonds over lab-grown?

Would your significant other be disappointed with a lab-grown diamond? To help you out, here is what she would think.


1. "She recognizes how important your ring is to you."



When you propose to her, it's not just about the ring; it's about expressing your devotion and commitment.

It's a way of showing your love and sincere desire to be life partners!

What she sees when she looks at the ring is more than just the diamonds - it's a promise of a future together.


If size or budget is a concern, bigger doesn't always mean better.

She'll understand the true value of a ring isn't defined by cost or carats, but by its quality and significance.


2. She is aware that a lab grown diamond is still a diamond.


Many people mistakenly believe that lab-created diamonds are similar to other diamond imitations.

This is simply not the case; modern technology has made it possible to mimic the

Earth's natural temperature and pressure conditions that turn carbon seeds into diamonds.


Additionally, lab grown diamonds are graded the same way as mined diamonds (the 4Cs: Cut, Carat, Clarity, Color)

to determine their quality. Simulants like cubic zirconia , however, may not have the same dazzle and brilliance as 

a diamond since they are made of different materials for the purpose of resembling a diamond's look.


"The chemical, physical and optical properties of lab-created diamonds are identical to those of mined diamonds. They are, in essence, exactly the same as natural diamonds!"


3. She's confident that it's eco-friendly.




If your partner is focused on being environmentally-friendly, they can rest assured that lab-grown diamonds are a great choice.

They use much less energy and resources than traditional diamonds mined from the ground.


By choosing an environmentally-responsible diamond ring for her, you'll not only impress her,

but you'll also show her that the ring matches her green and eco-friendly lifestyle.


4. She's aware that it's more cost-effective.


Your partner will understand the advantages of lab-grown diamonds:

you can get more carat weight and sparkle for the same price as mined diamonds


By choosing a more cost-effective option, you can avoid an expensive diamond ring and

save more for your wedding or the beginning of your marriage.

You can use these savings for future travel plans once the pandemic is over,

or even put it towards your renovation fund to build the home of your dreams together!


We'd like to leave you with our final thoughts.


When all is said and done, it doesn't matter where the diamond is from, how much it cost, or how big it is.

The diamond you choose should symbolize your everlasting love and commitment to her, and that means more than anything else.


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