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0.5ct s925 Original Moissanite Pieces Of Me Engagement Ring
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Moissanite Colour

Bye-Bye, Middleman. Rossette Wholesaler Price "Direct Form Factory"


When you purchase diamonds wholesale, you buy directly from the wholesaler at much lower prices than what you’d pay at a jewellery store.  That means when you purchase wholesale diamonds, they’re likely to be certified and come with an official certificate. Certified diamonds also have a decent return value.


Main Stone: Moissanite
Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver with Heavy 950 Platinum Plate
Setting Type: Claw Setting
Stone Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
Accents: Moissanite
Stone Size: 0.50ct Round Cut Moissanite
Stone Colour: D (Best Colour Available)
Clarity: VVS1 (No Visible Inclusions, Completely Clean)
Cut: Excellent
Luxury Ring Box Included
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What is Moissanite? Is moissanite a diamond?

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, originally found in meteorites(Chemical name: Silicon Carbide).

It was first discovered in 1893, while a scientist was examining meteor samples from a crater in Arizona. After many years, scientists have been able to recreate moissanite in the laboratory, that makes the gemstone ethical and affordable.